Friday shiny: week ending July 8

I mentioned a few posts ago that the CatMan and I are moving to the apartment across the hall from our current apartment. One of the first things we are going to do is purchase a queen-sized platform bed and mattress. Of course, we are going to try to do this without breaking the bank. We already know the mattress we want: now to find the bed.

I’ve always liked the bookcase headboard idea – look at this beauty! via Pinterest

But I think we’ll go simple –

Queen bed

Priage Queen Platform via

I think this will look pretty and could easily be decorated if the mood strikes. Say,  greenery-wrapped in the winter, maybe some fairy lights?


Storage ideas

One of my 2014 home goals is to figure out seasonal clothing storage. Currently, all our off-season stuff is packed in large plastic tubs in the craft room. I’m not crazy about the tub look and I would like to take down the curtain that currently hide them (and cuts off 1/4 of my room). My struggle has been trying to find something that is 1) light enough to get up to the 3rd floor of the apartment, 2) will contain the contents of all the tubs, 3) will stand up to the CatMan, and 4) look good doing it. It hasn’t been easy.

I  found this in a catalog; I ordered two and they should be here next month. Stay tuned.

Makeup Storage

I’m a makeup girl. I blame it on having terrible acne when I was in my teens (through my forties – whut?) I don’t wear bright colors: I tend to be more of ‘let’s enhance the natural look’. But my arsenal makeup stash was getting a little difficult to control. The Catty Abode doesn’t have any drawers in the bathroom, and I don’t have a designated vanity space, so I had to get creative.

A trip to Pier 1 when I was in State College last month yielded a solution: a utensil caddy basket.

Inside, there are 3 compartments. I purchased 2 square glass votives which fit perfectly into the two smaller sections. One holds all my eye pencils and mascara, the other holds lipsticks and concealers. In the larger section, I use a tall tin I already had to hold brushes and my foundation. The spaces around these containers just fit my compacts of eye shadow, blush, powder, and mirror.


The best part? The carrying handle so I can move it around if the CatMan kicks me out of the bathroom!

And if you are looking for a little beauty lift in the middle of winter, here are two of my favorite makeup/girly-girl sites – The Beauty Dept. and Maskcara.

In my holiday travels

Two of my favorite gifts: a yarn bowl from my friend Jane, and a serval cat footprint from my niece (who volunteers with a big cat rescue in NC.)

Some new stuff: a hand-embroidered table runner, a few Christmas ornaments, and “The Emperor’s New Groove” (which makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it.)

Some goodies from my favorite antique mall in State College, PA: an Art Deco pin with coral, an old olive drab letter tray, a turquoise melamine ring dish, two aluminum ladles and a cat cookie cutter from a child’s kitchen set, a sherry glass and blue spongeware dish for my mom, a rectangular biscuit cutter, and a wonderful chalkware rooster for my friend/landlady who cat-sat for us while I was gone.

tapestry purse streetofshops
These two pictures are my take from “The Street of Shops” in Lewisburg, PA. The upstairs of this mall is a mix of antiques and new retail, but the basement is where I go. It’s an awesome place to poke into corners, find little treasures, and get some awesome bargains. I found this vintage tapestry tote (the handle hardware makes it), tole tray, satin blanket binding, aluminum garland (which I had to hold onto at checkout because it was being eyed up by another customer), a beautiful old bubbly glass salt shaker, and some vintage linen pieces.

I love shopping for and giving a new life to vintage stuff!

The cat repository

Aka the futon. Since the bulk of our living area is on the third floor of our apartment (just the kitchen and the Catman’s office are on the second floor), we are somewhat limited on the type of furniture we can move up and down our old farmhouse staircase. So our sofa is a futon. My original thought was to replace the ancient futon mattress with cushions, but 8 months into 2013 and I hadn’t gotten very far with that plan. So, since the frame and the cover are both LL Bean, I decided to cut my losses and just go with their mattress (free shipping!) The cats approve, my butt approves, and I can cross one goal off the list.

Sidenote: we have one kitty that suffers from this skin condition (kinda icky photos – don’t click if sqeamish) so that’s why you see dropcloths in all the pictures.