During a heatwave –

It’s good to finish a shawl.
This is my take on Ropedance by Melanie Berg. I reused the yarn I frogged from Veldt (it really didn’t look that great on me.) I played around with the colors and the line “bloops” – which are just a pattern of short rows. I think it will get a lot more wear than the sweater would have.



And now I’m eyeing up this pretty.

Photo via the ZickZack pattern page on Ravelry


Catch up time!

So what’s going on, peeps? Actually I’m mostly up-to-date on my blog reads, it’s just this blog that is still hanging out in March 2016.

It’s all been good stuff for the most part on this end: work is a little complicated right now since I’m training someone. But let’s see what’s happened since we chatted last.

1. I got a tattoo! The CatMan and people at work call me “Queen” – I thought it was high time to make that official. It’s been two weeks now, and the peeling and itching have subsided. My little blue ‘jewel’ didn’t take too well, but overall I’m pleased with how it turned out. 20160613_135655

2. Also in this picture, you can see my nails are looking a bit longer than they have in the past. I was so tired of them flaking and splitting, so I had gel tips done in April. The tips have long grown out, but I continue to have a “dry” manicure with builder gel, then polish every few weeks. I am very pleased with how my nails are growing and holding up to daily wear and tear. Nope, I’m not going to be dragon lady long, but having nails that extend past the end of my fingertips makes me very happy indeed (and yes, I’m wearing SPF 50 when I have them done. My goal is to find a salon that uses LED lamps, but in my corner of New England, that might be a while.)

3. We’re moving! Ok, it’s just to the apartment across the hall, but there are some great perks. We will have two bathrooms (*insert happy heart eye emojis here*), the apartment is on one floor (currently we are on two floors), and the apartment has been renovated recently. We will also have windows facing the lake which means a great cross breeze (right now, our second floor doesn’t have that feature, which means things get toasty fast upstairs). In September, we will have lived in this building for 20 years, so I’m looking forward to some new, updated features and a bit of a smaller space to clean and decorate.

4. Crafting has been keeping the blog company in the back seat. I am knitting: still working on the blanket for Rexie and also a wrap based on this pattern –

Ropedance by Mairlynd (Melanie Berg) Picture via Ravelry

         Ropedance by Mairlynd (Melanie Berg)                                      Picture via Ravelry

5. I celebrated my 1-year yoga anniversary in May. Still enjoying it: my favorite is the weekly yin class. Being able to just relax deeply in a few poses for a whole hour is actually quite revitalizing.

6. I finally went through all my Pinterest boards (using some of the tips found in this blog post), deleting stuff and re-categorizing the boards I already had. Oddly cathartic and I’m enjoying my “Konmari”-d account.

So life keeps on keeping on here. My goal is to move the blog back to the passenger seat so we can go on this ride together. I promise to stop for bathroom breaks and Starbucks iced vanilla lattes. 



All the blankets

Recently Mason-Dixon Knitting had a giveaway (nope, didn’t win that one) and they asked their readers to comment about blankets we had knit.  That question sent me down the rabbit hole of my archives where I unearthed photographic proof of my blanket production.

My first blanket (1) was for my grandmother when she went into a nursing home. The yarn was alpaca and was knit with one strand of burgundy and one strand of pink held together. It was just shy of twin-sized and very cozy – just what I wanted it to be to keep her warm without a lot of weight.
GH finished

It was quite a few years later when I knit my second blanket (2). This one was for the CattyAbode and it was a scalloped lace pattern knit in an acrylic blend. This one was all about the color blocking.

After that one, I quickly knit up a seed stitch baby blanket (3) for friends who were having a little boy. I couldn’t resist putting a pink border on one edge – Dad was into camo/hunting/the outdoors, and I wanted Mom to have a little relief from all the green and brown she was destined to live with.

I was starting to amass quite a few partial skeins and saw this pattern which I thought would be a perfect way to stashbust. My father is constantly cold (I think there are 3 weeks in July where he doesn’t wear long johns), so he became the recipient of this blanket(4).

And then Rexie’s impending arrival was announced so I stashbusted all my sock yarn to make a car seat/stroller blankie (5).

All this reminiscing made my fingers itch to start another big ol’ rectangle! So I’m doing a little mash-up: I’ve got a twin-sized (#1), acrylic blend (#2), seed stitch (#3), random stripe (#4) blanket on the needles for Miss Rexie ( #5). Pictures to come soon!

Spring’s a comin’

And I’m getting itchy for some spring knits. Here are two that are grabbing my attention right now.

This cowl’s stitch pattern is just busy enough to keep me interested but not interrupt my Hulu watching. I have a skein of Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace Paints in the Window Garden colorway that would be just enough for this knit.

springmist cowl

Photo and details can be found here 

But this sweater might have to move to the top of the queue. I looked at the project page for this design and didn’t see a bad knit in the bunch. I’m thinking a cushy textured, oatmeal-y color? Or maybe blue-grey? Or coral?


Photo and details can be found here



Stuff that got knitted while I was gone

For Rexie:

A pair of legwarmers in a burgundy baby alpaca. I modified the pattern by adding a ruffle on each piece; I thought it would be a cute detail if she wears them with just a onesie.

The Fair Isle stocking: The toe didn’t felt properly at all so I cut it off and closed the opening with a whip stitch.  To finish the stocking, I lined it with a piece of olive velvet from the stash and used a wooden ring as a hanging loop. It was a lot of fun to knit and it’s gonna hold a ton of prezzies (for which Rexie will love me when she gets older!)

inside rexiestocking

And finally, this hat in a light blue tweed. It just fits Rexie now, so I’m going to cast on another one in the next size up.

For me:

Big Rubble is almost done, and after that, I’m thinking Imma need some boot toppers.

Knitting Dichotomy

With Turkey Day vacation fast approaching, I wanted to find a travel project that was a relatively mindless knit (and nope, Rexie’s Fair Isle Christmas stocking does not classify!) I’ve downloaded this pattern (click on the picture to take you to the Ravelry page.) Now I just have to make a yarn choice: I’m thinking something in true navy or denim-y blue. Or maybe pinky-coral. Or a nice heathered chocolate. I can already tell this is gonna be a challenge.

    big rubble

    Big Rubble by Alison Brookbanks

Jumping in.

Ok, I’m doing it! Fair Isle here I come! My goal is a Christmas stocking for Rexie: something small enough to use up some stash yarn and a deadline to be challenging. My idea to make it big so I can felt it to close up the holes and general warbly-ness that colorwork can generate as well as to create something that will be durable through the years. (I’m also thinking about the possibility of lining it with velvet when I’m done and if time allows!)

Here are some inspirations from Ravelry (click on pic to go to the Rav page)-


Fair Isle Stocking by Patons


Gift Wrap by Judy Tollefson


Thursday’s Stars also by Judy Tollefson


Hearthwarming Stockings by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence

Right now, I’m leaning toward the last one. The pattern has two design versions; hearts/bows and stars/plaid. Gotta admit, I’m a sucker for the hearts. And that little monogram? Must. have! Off to raid my stash!

Almost makes me wanna Fair Isle

Yarn ends can be the bane of a knitter’s existence. To weave in or not? Knot and cut? Throw in the chaos that is Fair Isle (and to a lesser extent, Lopapeysa) and it’s enough to make a person forsake colorwork.

I read this blog post last week (totally aside: so glad Ann and Kay are back to posting on the blog – Instagram wasn’t enough for me!) and the braided ends tutorial spun my world on end. Check it out for yourselves!

Friday Shiny – week ending October 23

So all the have-to knitting is done for now, and I’m contemplating my next project. I was thinking this cardigan as my Christmas sweater –


Photo (and pattern link) here

but in these colors


Petaled Paper color scheme from here

But I’m also thinking these are cute, quick knits
(just not in grey or grey or grey)


Photo (and pattern) via here


Photo (and pattern) via here


Photo (and pattern) via here