Friday shiny: week ending July 8

I mentioned a few posts ago that the CatMan and I are moving to the apartment across the hall from our current apartment. One of the first things we are going to do is purchase a queen-sized platform bed and mattress. Of course, we are going to try to do this without breaking the bank. We already know the mattress we want: now to find the bed.

I’ve always liked the bookcase headboard idea – look at this beauty! via Pinterest

But I think we’ll go simple –

Queen bed

Priage Queen Platform via

I think this will look pretty and could easily be decorated if the mood strikes. Say,  greenery-wrapped in the winter, maybe some fairy lights?


Nursery zone

Yep, another Rexie post. This time it centers around her nursery. I’ve been talking with my niece who has some general ideas but is just not sure how to implement them. The only things she has decided are the bedding which is pink and grey, the furniture is white, and she wants the color green in the mix.

I thought these two palettes from could work. flora


H. (my niece) knows she doesn’t want pink walls, so I suggested going with the palest warm grey or soft green, then using touches of pink (like the trim on the curtains.)

via Pinterest

One of the things I like about the room above is the gold frame, which I think goes far to cozy up the space.

via Pinterest

gallery wall via The Sweetest Digs

And to keep the room from being too sedate, maybe a patterned rug to girlie it up?

via Pinterest

Addressing the issue

My address book was looking worse for the wear – I started it in pencil many years ago, crossed things out in pen, and then the CatMan got his hands on it so there were some pretty illegible entries. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make it my own.
I didn’t want a standard 3-ring binder (we really don’t have that many addresses) so I chose the 8.5 x 5.5″ mini binder size. Using the “labels” feature in Word (under the Mailing tab), I selected a template for business cards. I formatted the cards with a blank header (for the name), “A” for address (allocating two lines), “H” for home phone number, “C1” and “C2” for cell phones (one for each spouse), and then “B1” and “B2” for their corresponding birthdays. Any children in the home can be jotted off to the side. I opted not to do an email line since those seem to change more frequently and I have them backed up on my computer. I printed the cards onto regular printer paper, cut them apart, filled them out, and then finished off the bottom of the card with a strip of washi tape to add some color.  I slipped each card into the pocket of one of these sheets. Each sheet has 4 card openings which can be viewed front and back, so in reality I get 8 cards per sheet. In the cases where a child has moved out onto their own, I just slip their card behind their parents’ card which is easy to do since the cards are printed on paper, not card stock.

I also created a “Misc” sleeve with business cards I want to keep. I had some mini-binder page protectors in which I put my work contact list and also cell phone numbers for contacts not in my address book.

To finish off the project, I used scrapbook paper and alphabet stickers to created indexes for each page. I just slipped those into the little mini pockets next to the card slots. I feel pretty confident this system will be easy to maintain.

Got ya covered

Saw this on Pinterest –

Found a cassette tape at Goodwill for $.25
outside case

And with some paper scraps and washi tape, my phone has a cute home on my desk. You can reference this tutorial for more info…
phone stand

While I was at Goodwill, I found this case. I needed a proper home for my sunglass clip-ons, so I snagged it for a $1.00. The case before –
casebeforeAnd after some Fabritac and bright floral fabric from my stash. The interior lining pulled right out so I was able to fold the fabric around the case, secure it on the inside with the Fabritac, and press the lining back over the top of it all. Perfect!

Friday Shiny – week ending March 6

This week I’m a little obsessed with rag rugs, specifically these:

Something for each of our bedsides –

A leather chindi area rug for our sitting/TV space?

And I actually have some rag rugs to try this on –

Ya win some, ya lose some

First the “Win some”:
These are the Charlie Harper bird ornaments from Target’s “Kid Made Modern” line by Todd Oldham. I purchased this kit in 2012 and then it went into my I’ll-get-to-it-soon pile. Stick a fork into it: I finished them! The paints that came with the kit had long dried up, so I used permanent markers. The birds are die-cut from balsa wood so they easily take to markers; I went back over the lines with a black marker after everything had dried. The birds originally came with bases (hence the notches in the bottom); since I want to hang them on our Christmas tree eventually, I drilled a small hole right behind each head and threaded ribbon.

And then there was the “Lose some”:
Another project in the ‘soon’ pile was something I had pinned to Pinterest – Paper clay barnacles. Um, yeah…these were pretty much the only two out of 12 I made that even slightly resembled the ones on Design Sponge. I’m not sure if 1) my balloons were too big, 2) I didn’t mash up the tp enough, and/or 3) my mixture was too dry. I did salvage a few others (more like tray shapes than cups), so we’ll see after I paint and glitterize them. Stay tuned…

A wee project

Another project I had Pinned a while ago was this button art. I loved how she took something of her grandmother’s and turned it into a unique, stunning piece. However, I didn’t have her depth of stash or the wall space to replicate her picture. What I did have was this small, wooden frame and some favorite buttons I had gleaned over my years of thrifting. A piece of muslin, some hot glue and now I have a sweet little display in my craft room.


So that’s done

Friday was my last full-time day at my job. In a very unexpected (and incredibly pleasant) turn of events, I will be working from home 20-25 hours a week for the same company. There are so many pros, and only one con, to this option that “of course, yes!” was my response. The one con? That I might get sucked back into the chaos – I’m gonna be working hard on avoiding that.

To prepare my office at home, I decided I needed a different chair than I’m currently using. Instead of buying new, I decided to swap my current desk chair with my craft room chair. However, the craft room chair had been faded by the sun and was decidedly looking two-toned. Luckily, I Pinned this tutorial. Perfect! I’ve got the fabric stash, the Mod Podge, the polyurethane, and now, the time. Meet my happy little office chair!