During a heatwave –

It’s good to finish a shawl.
This is my take on Ropedance by Melanie Berg. I reused the yarn I frogged from Veldt (it really didn’t look that great on me.) I played around with the colors and the line “bloops” – which are just a pattern of short rows. I think it will get a lot more wear than the sweater would have.



And now I’m eyeing up this pretty.

Photo via the ZickZack pattern page on Ravelry



Here’s a quick project I finished a few months ago. I am pretty selective as to the reward programs that I sign up for; that being said, I still don’t want to load up my wallet with a bunch of cards that I use once in a while.

Sorting through my misc. bags and purses I came across this little wallet, and inspiration struck! I purchased a bunch of adhesive backed card holders which I then attached to scrapbook paper. I alphabetized the cards (because of course I did!), and slipped the wallet into the side pocket of my purse. If I know I’m going to be using one (like my Aveda card when I get my hair cut), I just pull it out and slide it into the front pocket of the wallet and it’s there when I need it!

The business card sleeves are the perfect size and a nice, heavy weight plastic. And the little wallet looks and acts like it was just made for this very function!


And the finished stuff just keeps coming!

Remember this? outside
I found this vanity case a few years ago at a community yard sale. It took me a few months get around to cleaning it and then spray painting it avocado green.

And it’s been in that state in my craft room ever since.

In the spirit of this year’s word, I vowed this would be the summer I finished it! I used my Martha Stewart jewelry paint to paint most of the exterior metal trim poppy red, then applied one of my favorite washi tapes to the band between the lid and bottom of the case.

And then it became my sewing basket! The bottom of the case is home to all my sewing machine paraphernalia, including the foot pedal. The top tray is perfectly divided for little things like elastic, needles, and novelties like belt buckles.

In case you are wondering where some of the more common sewing basket items might be: my scissors are in the drawer of my craft desk and all my thread is on a spool organizer hung on the wall.

And yes, that is my very own Village Bath Lip Licker tin holding hook and eyes, as well as snaps. Even as a teen, I was all about repurposing cool little containers. Don’t remember Lip Lickers? Here ya go!

Ready for Autumn

Veldt is off the needles and blocked.

Modifications included 3/4 length sleeves and adding the stripe.


This is Coralina, in her finished but very not-blocked state. This one was knit as written. In my lovely hormonal time of life layering is the way to go, so I think this will work out just fine for most of my wardrobe transition needs. (And I knew that if I didn’t post this picture now, it might be April 2016 until you see it!)

Stick a fork in it – April 2015

Another month – some more things crossed off the list!

address outside

  • Updated my address book
  • Decluttered/purged my summer clothes and shoes (since I don’t need most of the work stuff)
  • Purged my kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Changed my cell phone plan (and lowered it by $20.00/month)
  • Scheduled our PA trip for May (including contacting all the people we want to see and booking the hotels)
  • Purchased wedding and baby shower gifts (and wrapped them!)

I was hoping that I was going to finish Veldt or the pair of socks I have on the needles, but alas, they’re not done (but sooooo close)! I’m trying to restrain myself from starting any other baby knitting until I clean those 2 projects off the needles. Must. knit. more!

Addressing the issue

My address book was looking worse for the wear – I started it in pencil many years ago, crossed things out in pen, and then the CatMan got his hands on it so there were some pretty illegible entries. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make it my own.
I didn’t want a standard 3-ring binder (we really don’t have that many addresses) so I chose the 8.5 x 5.5″ mini binder size. Using the “labels” feature in Word (under the Mailing tab), I selected a template for business cards. I formatted the cards with a blank header (for the name), “A” for address (allocating two lines), “H” for home phone number, “C1” and “C2” for cell phones (one for each spouse), and then “B1” and “B2” for their corresponding birthdays. Any children in the home can be jotted off to the side. I opted not to do an email line since those seem to change more frequently and I have them backed up on my computer. I printed the cards onto regular printer paper, cut them apart, filled them out, and then finished off the bottom of the card with a strip of washi tape to add some color.  I slipped each card into the pocket of one of these sheets. Each sheet has 4 card openings which can be viewed front and back, so in reality I get 8 cards per sheet. In the cases where a child has moved out onto their own, I just slip their card behind their parents’ card which is easy to do since the cards are printed on paper, not card stock.

I also created a “Misc” sleeve with business cards I want to keep. I had some mini-binder page protectors in which I put my work contact list and also cell phone numbers for contacts not in my address book.

To finish off the project, I used scrapbook paper and alphabet stickers to created indexes for each page. I just slipped those into the little mini pockets next to the card slots. I feel pretty confident this system will be easy to maintain.


You might remember I purchased this print a few weeks ago at the VT Flower Show. In the spirit of finishing, I wanted to get it framed and displayed.

Unfortunately the frame I thought would work was too small, so the last time I was at ReStore, I found a nice wooden frame for $1.00. However, it was painted a bright blue. Ummmmmm. So I dug out the Verdigris Rub ‘N Buff, and some craft paint in Buttermilk and Alizarin Crimson pigment. First, I rubbed on a layer of the Verdigris, then took the same rag and dry rubbed in a layer of the Buttermilk, then the Crimson, and then touched up again with the Buttermilk (all layers were in the direction of the grain.) I think the frame really looks like worn barn wood without the messy chipping paint flakes.

picture frame

Stick a fork in it – March 2015

ForkNot a whole lot of finished stuff this month due to my increased work load. I’m hoping to have a lot more crafty/house projects on April’s list.

  1. Changed all my on-line security passwords
  2. Unsubscribed from 90% of the email that shows up in my inbox. This included shopping sale/coupons notices and newsletters from different organizations
  3. Edited my Ravelry account: cleaned up, labeled, and organized my projects and patterns library
  4. Knitted 3 pairs of baby socks (work still progresses on Veldt)
  5. Did a major hoe-out of my purse (which was starting to resemble Hermoine’s) and organized all my store rewards cards into a little case (upcoming post)
  6. Makeup purge: since I’m working from home, my makeup arsenal doesn’t need to be as extensive. I’m also working on using up the collection of hair products that seem to have accumulated under my bathroom sink

Stick a fork in it – February 2015

1. Converted the bolster to pillows  – turns out the long bolster was a little too awkward and we weren’t using it as much as we do individual pillows.
2. Reframed the tapestry: I found a piece of round foam that fit better into the embroidery hoop.
3. Converted 2 rectangular scarves to infinity scarves by sewing the ends together.
4. Sorted and organized all my Bible Study materials.
5. Printer purchased and installed.
6. Repotted the philodendron that I brought home from the office (3 months ago!)
7. Cleaned up my email contacts and archives.
8. Updated my WordPress blavatar.
9. Updated my Pinterest boards.
10. Knocked two Pinterest projects off my craft list


Made billy button flowers using directions from http://www.designsponge.com/2011/06/diy-project-felt-billy-balls.html

(The Barn watercolor was from my trip to the VT Flower Show this past weekened.)

Ya win some, ya lose some

First the “Win some”:
These are the Charlie Harper bird ornaments from Target’s “Kid Made Modern” line by Todd Oldham. I purchased this kit in 2012 and then it went into my I’ll-get-to-it-soon pile. Stick a fork into it: I finished them! The paints that came with the kit had long dried up, so I used permanent markers. The birds are die-cut from balsa wood so they easily take to markers; I went back over the lines with a black marker after everything had dried. The birds originally came with bases (hence the notches in the bottom); since I want to hang them on our Christmas tree eventually, I drilled a small hole right behind each head and threaded ribbon.

And then there was the “Lose some”:
Another project in the ‘soon’ pile was something I had pinned to Pinterest – Paper clay barnacles. Um, yeah…these were pretty much the only two out of 12 I made that even slightly resembled the ones on Design Sponge. I’m not sure if 1) my balloons were too big, 2) I didn’t mash up the tp enough, and/or 3) my mixture was too dry. I did salvage a few others (more like tray shapes than cups), so we’ll see after I paint and glitterize them. Stay tuned…